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Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Rispettiamo l'Ambiente e la Natura, riponiamo sempre gli imballaggi usati quali:
Vetro, Lattine, Cartoni e Plastica nei cassonetti dedicati, in modo tale da poterli reciclare.
Così facendo si combatte l'inquinamento ed i nostri figli ci ringrazieranno così come l'ambiente.


The Mill

The Mill

Il Frantoio è il fulcro dell'intera azienda, vista parziale dei macchinari Uscita dell'olio dal "Separatore"

Our Mill can produce 5.000 quintals of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from which is obtained 25% of DOP Canino oil.
The mill is provided with the most modern and innovative machines to press and produce E.V.O.O. in compliance with the most rigorous standards and laws for consumers’ food security and hygiene.

Established in 1888, this mill respects the family tradition handed down from father to son for five generations and guarantees to its customers high quality products packaged with its brand. Oil is obtained thanks to a centrifugal extraction machining process. ( Read “Different stages of E.V.O.O. manufacturingn process)

Vista parziale del "Decanter" ”Vista parziale dei serbatoi all’interno del deposito olio “Oliara”

Oil is obtained by pressing olives coming from the area of Canino and it is recommended for a varied and complete diet, for seasoning, cooking and frying.

Oil production includes seven different oil’s varieties in 0,750 and 1,00 Lt bottles and 1,00-3,00 and 5,00 Lt cans:

  • Fior Fiore l’Affiorato
  • DOP Canino
  • Principe di Canino
  • Gusto Fruttato
  • Gusto Delicato
  • Il Biologico “Poggio Olivastro”
  • I Monovarietali

that perfectly match with delicate dishes as well as with complex ones to satisfy different and complete

Excellent for children nutrition.

Our commitment and our passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil production together with the quality of our
Canino DOP olive oil, have been honored with several awards, certificates and gold medals.


During the period of pressing in October, November and December, we welcome guided tours and school








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